Universal Credit

Training courses on Universal Credit for your colleagues and staff will be vital preparation for the biggest shake up of welfare benefits since the 1940s.

The timetable for welfare reform is a fast-paced one, with millions of pounds being pledged by Iain Duncan Smith and the DWP to fund both the technology required for Benefits Capping and Universal Credit, and to increase the amount of help available for claimants who will be adversely affected by the changes. Between autumn 2013 and autumn 2017 over 12 million people will be claiming Universal Credit.

The principle of Universal Credit will be to amalgamate most of the current ‘means-tested’ benefits currently available to working-age people (including single people and disabled people) into one flexible benefit, which will cover all the family’s needs, including rent, mortgage payments and childcare costs. The amount of Universal Credit will be reduced as income rises, and benefit will be paid monthly in arrears. The effect of change, especially on existing claimants, cannot be overstated.

Every organisation which either works with, or employs, people on benefits and low to average pay will need to have an awareness of the new benefit system, the timetable for changeover, and the implications for vulnerable and disabled people.

I can offer specific Universal Credit training, or more general welfare reform training which incorporates Universal Credit – it’s up to you.

Please contact me if you would like to discuss how I can help your organisation prepare for a period of significant change and uncertainty.

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