Universal Credit

The roll-out of Universal Credit has been contentious and expensive. The implementation of the full service version of Universal Credit has now been completed across all jobcentres. The DWP now has to make decisions about how 3 million people on legacy benefits will ultimately be moved to the full service, pending the outcome of the migration pilot scheduled for Summer 2019.

As we know, the principle of Universal Credit is to amalgamate most of the current means-tested ‘legacy’ benefits for  working-age people into one flexible benefit, which will cover all the family’s needs, including rent, mortgage payments and childcare costs. The amount of Universal Credit is reduced as income rises, and benefit is paid monthly in arrears.

Although it sounds simple in theory, the reality of coping with Universal Credit is challenging to claimants, landlords, support organisations, and everyone involved with the world of benefits. All new claimants, and those who have a relevant change of circumstances which triggers a UC claim, will be caught by the complex and demanding conditions surrounding the making and maintenance of a UC claim.

Every organisation which either works with, or employs, people on benefits and low to average pay will need to have an awareness of the UC system, the timetable for changeover, and the implications for vulnerable and disabled people.

I can offer specific Universal Credit training, or more general welfare reform training which incorporates Universal Credit – it’s up to you.

Please contact me if you would like to discuss how I can help your organisation prepare for a period of significant change and uncertainty.

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From Universal Credit: the problem areas / BHT course