Universal Credit Training Outline


Universal Credit is the flagship of the Government’s welfare reform proposals, and is scheduled to affect over 12 million people by the time it is fully implemented. It will completely change the way that working age benefits are claimed and paid, and will bring with it a whole host of new rules and conditions. This course covers all aspects of Universal Credit, and is an essential and up to date guide for everyone working with people on benefits.

Key learning objectives

This course ensures participants are able to:

  • Understand the basic rules and conditions of Universal Credit, including the vital implications for help with housing and childcare costs
  • Understand how the calculations will work, including the different elements, the treatment of income and capital and the effect of work
  • Explain to all groups of clients how Universal Credit will affect them and how to cope with the increased pressure of conditionality
  • Show awareness of how vulnerable and disabled claimants will be protected under the Personal Budgeting Support proposals
  • Be able to give clear information to clients about what will be required of claimants to manage and maintain their claims digitally
  • Appreciate the nature of transitional protection and how changing circumstances will affect claims

Course content

We will cover all the relevant areas of Universal Credit, including basic eligibility criteria, elements, treatment of income and capital, housing costs, childcare costs, disability issues, making and maintaining claims, the nature of the claimant commitment and transitional protection, and the likely timetable for implementation, along with all the latest news and rumours!

Who should attend

This course is vital information for all staff working with people affected by Universal Credit, but it is not aimed at specialist benefits advisers.

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